When should I repair my iPhone at the Apple store in Birmingham?

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When I broke my iPhone for the first time my first thought, like most Americans was that I should go to the Apple store to get it fixed. Why not go directly to the source? It seemed like a fair assumption at the time, but as I began to do my research I found that the Apple store might not be the best default all the time. After I conducted my research I found that there were a good number of circumstances where it was beneficial to go to the Apple store and also a good number in which it was preferable to go to a mobile device repair store like Tech Loft.

Situation when I should go to Apple to repair my iPhone in Birmingham:
• If your device has had a functional problem within the first year of purchase then this would be a good reason to visit the Apple store. I want to make a couple of clarifying points. First, this would only apply if you bought the device new as Apple’s warranty expires after one year. Second, the repair on the iPhone must be one that is functional. It must be problem that results from faulty parts or other aspects relating to the manufacturing. If you broke the screen, buttons, or other parts because you dropped it, they will not cover the repair. If you dropped the your phone in the water or some other liquid they will not cover it either. Essentially, the problem must arise from a manufacturing defect.
• Another reason I would go to the Apple Store is if you have insurance on your phone. If you are paying for it you might as well use it. It is important to not that there are exceptions to this. As an example, if you have broken an individual button or even if you have broken a screen on one of the later model phones it can often be cheaper, faster, and more convenient to have it repaired at a store like Tech Loft. Apple’s deductible on the insurance currently is $79 plus tax and many of the repair mentioned above cost less than that. Additionally, sometimes the wait to repair can be a day or more compared to the average repair time at Tech loft which is 15-35 minutes. If you need your device repaired quickly this may not be the best option.

Situations when I should not go to the Apple Store:
• If your repair is at all time sensitive you should not even consider going to the Apple Store. First, you have to schedule an appointment with Apple. This in itself can be a long process. While some appointments can be scheduled the same day, others can be scheduled a week or so out. Once your appointment is scheduled it is critical that you be on time and if you are late you may have to reschedule entirely. Once you actually do drop of your device depending on the repair you may not be able to get it completed the same day.
• If you don’t have insurance or are not under warranty it is not worthwhile. First, Apple will try to sell you a completely new device which can easily cost you $500-$1200. If you do try to repair it through them without the insurance or warranty it can be extremely expensive.

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