Laptop and PC Screen Repair


Laptop screens are one of the most important parts of any functioning PC. This component has many different names, touch screen, display, LCD, but if yours is broken, it must be repaired before your laptop will function again.
A broken display or LCDs as we like to call them, is a very common issue for laptops in our current day. It may just be that one dead pixel that annoys you to no end, or you may have lines running all the way through it. From casually setting something too heavy on top of your laptop, to spilling your entire mocha on it, there are many ways that your laptop can suffer. It may remain usable, but more often than not your productivity and efficiency suffer. Whatever the cause or the issue, you can count on us to be ready to repair your device.
These days there are so many reasons to have your laptop with you, whether you are carrying it in your hand, backpack, or car. You probably have it with you because you need to process that big video project you’ve been working on all week, or finalizing your business presentation for that planning meeting you have later. Whatever the case may be, your life can come to a sudden halt when you shut your laptop lid on your charging cord and your screen suffers the consequences. Let’s face it, sometimes you are having a bad day and other times you’re having a REALLY bad day.
LCD issues are as a general rule one of the most easily identified and diagnosed issues you will have on your computer. If it looks like Charlotte came and made a little web all over your screen it is definitely time to have it repaired. While it may be easy to diagnose that your screen has an issue, finding the actual cause of the issue may not be as straightforward. Simple cracks are easily identifiable, but if you find your screen is completely discolored the repair solution could be entirely different.
As with most of our computer repairs, we offer free diagnostics and estimates on any screen issues you may be having. While diagnosing may be as quick as a same day, repairs normally take 2-4 business days depending on part availability. To help keep you as productive as possible we can order your replacement parts and take pre-payment to allow you to continue using your laptop till we are able to get parts in and we are ready to repair your Laptop.