Laptop and Desktop Tune Up


There is nothing better than a brand new computer. The speed, the power, the freedom. The ability to do the things we want when we want and how we want. We all love the freedom afforded us when we are able to work hard, unimpaired by the technology that we use daily. These days, if your computer is running slow it’s costing you dollars. So what do you do when your computer slows down? When those quick boot times have become minutes? The programs that used to load in a few seconds now take longer than your coffee maker does. Can anything be done to save this machine? Will it ever be back to the brand new out of the box state? Or is it time to buy a new one?
More often than not, the solution to this issue can be as simple as a software tune up. As you use your computer you are adding and removing all kinds of information. Adding new programs, deleting old ones, saving your photos, updating drivers, downloading all your favorite 80’s hits, syncing and updating your iPhone. You are continually moving information all around your PC. Sometimes pieces get left behind that no one needs, or wants.
Software tune-ups are some of the easiest to remedy in that all it takes is some time and we can have your device back up and running like it’s back in it’s glory days. We can even recommend our favorite programs for all of your favorite tasks.
In some situations the actual hardware of your device may be limiting your speed. Whether it be low amounts of RAM for processing your hundreds of web browser tabs, high CPU temperatures that keep causing stutters, your Hard Drive not being able to load up your map in your favorite multiplayer game before your friends, your PC randomly shutting off for no apparent reason, or simply cleaning out all the dust bunnies that have been inhabiting that old tower of a computer you have sitting in the corner of your office.
Whatever your issue may be, our staff here has taken care of thousands of customers, and seeks to provide your computer with the same love and care that we have towards our own equipment. We offer free comprehensive diagnostics on any PC. After collecting as much information as we can from you, we will comb back through the device seeking to solve whatever issues you’ve been experiencing, as well as anything else we discover along the way.