Today, so much of our lives revolve around our computers.  Whether you dropped your MacBook Pro or it was hit by something, it doesn’t change the fact that the crack down the middle of your screen is downright annoying.  It doesn’t look good when you are trying to show a coworker or client something important and it definitely does not add to your evening entertainment when you are trying to watch a movie on Netflix or Hulu.  When your audio is working better than your visual display you have a problem.

If you broke your Macbook pro screen or your iMac screen your next call should be to Tech Loft Computer Repair.  We provide fast, reliable, and cost effective Macbook screen repair in Birmingham, AL.  It doesn’t matter what type of Apple computer you have we fix them all!

Our Commitment to You:

Free diagnostics
Same day service
Excellent customer service
Seasoned Technicians
120 day warranty

What happens once you drop of your Macbook computer to be repaired?  Our technicians will first diagnose the problem.  You might be thinking I know what the problem is my screen is broken screen.  You might be right but sometimes when your screen is broken other parts of your computer may have been damaged in the process.  Our goal is to make sure when a client bringus their Macbook to be repaired ALL issues are resolved so they can go back to normal life as if nothing happened.

Secondly, our technicians will carefully remove your broken screen and remove all the remnant of the broken screen that may have fallen deep into the computer.  Next, the new factory madescreen will be expertly installed.  After a successful installation, our technicians will run post installation diagnostics to make sure your computer is ready to get back to work.