iPhone 8 Battery Repair

This iPhone 8 Battery repair option replaces the battery of your iPhone, leaving your battery life restored to where it once was. If your battery is not lasting very long anymore it should be replaced as soon as possible. Bad batteries can lead to all kinds of other phone damage.

One of the most common iPhone 8 issues is bad batteries. Your iPhone battery is composed of several chemicals that can be volatile and damaging if left unattended.
Your Battery maybe damaged if you are experiencing any of the following:

– Battery life not lasting through the day
– Battery taking a long time to charge
– Expanding or puffy battery
– Overheating Battery

When you see any of those symptoms its a good indicator that your Battery will need replacing. If you aren’t sure if the symptoms apply to your phone, it’s perfectly fine. Just stop by and ask us and we will be able to tell you exactly what you need for free! So in either case, bring your iPhone 8 to the repair experts at Tech Loft! We’ll fix it cheaper, faster and friendlier! And all work is covered by our repair warranty.